11 December 2018

  • Duterte: Bayan Muna, KMU, Gabriela are communist fronts
    AT long last, we have a president so bold, and so not a pulitiko that he tells it like it is, what the political class and media have known for years but do not say for various reasons. Duterte recently declared that a group of so-called party-list organizations — he specifically pointed to Bayan Muna, […]
  • Ressa’s sickening culture of impunity, and her patent lies against us
    WE should be outraged at the lies Maria Ressa, the president of the news website Rappler, has been spreading all over the world in order to cover up her and her media outfit’s violations of the law. Such is the extent to which she has gone in her culture of impunity, that she is above […]
  • Reds and Yellows unhappy over ‘Kian’ convictions
    WHILE the country rejoiced over the conviction of three policemen for the gruesome murder of Kian Loyd de los Santos, in August last year, the Reds and Yellows are so despondent over it. Why? It wrecked the false narratives they had been disseminating to the nation, that President Duterte has damaged our rule-of-law institutions and […]
  • Yellow oligarch firm puts words in Duterte’s mouth, falsely claims it has his backing
    AS happens to most oligarchs facing their downfall, the owners of Panay Electric Co. (PECO) are in a mad frenzy to hold on to their 95-year monopoly of electricity distribution in Iloilo City, which not only the city’s leaders but also Congress have concluded to be so scandalously inefficient and expensive. PECO through its lawyer […]
  • Is Carpio General Almonte’s mouthpiece?
    NOT a few people have been wondering why Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio has suddenly emerged just in the past few years as the de facto spokesman — and even ideologue — of the vociferous anti-China group over our territorial disputes in the West Philippine Sea. Indeed, Carpio had never before demonstrated any interest in […]

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