• Pulitzer Prize-winning piece peddled fake news
    Part of the ICC plot vs Duterte I WAS stunned when I read one of the 10 articles of the series entitled “Duterte’s War,” published from February to December of 2017. The series won for three Reuters reporters this week the Pulitzer Prize for international reporting. This was the series’ second article published April 18, […]
  • It was Aquino, not Duterte, whom Cambridge Analytica “helped” become President
    AN article published recently in the Hong Kong-based South China Morning Post (SCMP) that claimed that a sister company of the controversial Cambridge Analytica helped President Duterte win the 2016 elections by advising him to adopt a tough crime-fighter branding turns out to be the perfect example of fake news, maliciously and deliberately contrived. Rappler.com […]
  • Iraq’s ‘weapons of mass destruction’ in 2003; Syria’s chemical weapons today
    I CAN’T help but be skeptical of the US-led attack on Syria, a sovereign state, allegedly undertaken to take out its chemical weapons facilities. The CNN and even Fox News reports were a flashback to March 2003 when the US got 46 nations to join its pretentiously named Coalition of the Willing to invade Iraq, […]
  • At Supreme Court hearing: Sereno unhinged
    CHIEF Justice Ma. Lourdes Sereno demonstrated before the entire country how much of an imbecile she is, as well as her incredible arrogance, at Tuesday’s Supreme Court hearing on the case against her. Solicitor General Jose Calida had alleged that she was ineligible to be an associate justice of the Supreme Court, much less to […]
  • Duterte: Boracay is government property
    IT is downright astonishing that not a single media outlet used that earth-shaking announcement as its headline for what should have been a front-page news article. The mindset, it seems, is that it is too far-fetched that Boracay — the country’s internationally acclaimed paradise of an island, where five-star hotels, posh resorts, and mansions of […]

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