• Yes, Senate must investigate how Aquino, Trillanes and Del Rosario lost Panatag
    First of a 3-part series SEN. Loren Legarda, the chairman of the Senate’s committee on foreign relations, said the other day that she welcomed a probe into the country’s handling of its territorial dispute with China in the South China Sea. That would be great, not only so we would learn invaluable lessons on how […]
  • We must do what Vietnam, Taiwan, China and other Spratly claimants did: Build, build, build
    RATHER than throwing racist diatribes at China and engaging in endless eristic blah-blahs on who owns what in the South China Sea region, we should do what all claimants in the Spratlys have done or have been doing in the past two decades. Instead of filing useless suits in international bodies, which have no force […]
  • Sereno’s rise and fall: A morality tale
    I FIND it disgusting and astonishing at the same time that the Yellows and clerics-turned-professional-agitators have rushed to defend the fallen Chief Justice-pretender Maria Lourdes Sereno, portraying her as a victim of injustice. If they would just drop their Yellow blinders, they will see Sereno’s rise and fall as a morality tale that should teach […]
  • Why our Independence Day celebrations are so muted
    THERE are several factors that explain our people’s weak sense of nationalism, which is reflected in the fact that our celebration of our Independence Day since the Cory Aquino regime has been muted, compared to those of most nations in Asia. Among these: a foreign-descended ruling class that doesn’t identify with the mostly ethnic Malay […]
  • Two Aquinos lost us Philippine territory, Marcos acquired territory
    THE gall of former President Benigno Aquino 3rd to boast at a press briefing on Wednesday that he pursued an aggressive policy on our sovereignty claims in the South China/West Philippine Sea. He asked rhetorically on the subject of this territorial dispute: “Who filed the arbitration? Who campaigned among the Asean countries? Which administration produced […]

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