• Aquino’s Laguna Lake flood-control project to replace Arroyo’s never took off
    A cautionary tale on PPP WITH floods inundating Metropolitan Manila in recent weeks, can you think of anything worse than Benigno Aquino 3rd’s stupid move to cancel the major flood-control project involving Laguna Lake in 2011, simply because it was Gloria Arroyo’s? Not just one but two things worse. First, P1.2 billion in taxpayers’ money […]
  • Revealed: Marcos’ secret operations to take over entire Spratly archipelago
    THE strongman Ferdinand Marcos ordered secret military operations in 1970 to 1971, and in 1978 to take over the entire now hotly disputed Spratly group of islands in the South China Sea. Marcos apparently decided to undertake the military operations after being alerted of the area’s existence by fishing-industry businessman Tomas Cloma, a seafaring adventurer […]
  • Mocha must go? The Yellows wish!
    “MOCHA must go” was the title of this newspaper’s editorial the other day, with the obvious topic. I had to check again that the editorial was really in this newspaper and not in the Yellow Philippine Daily Inquirer as that has been the Yellows’ fervent wish ever since President Duterte assumed power. That editorial would […]
  • Smartmatic chairman was Cory’s prime PR strategist in 1986 elections
    I WROTE the following column in November 2015, republished here completely unchanged. That was three years ago, but I’m sure our readers will find it very relevant today, with more and more indisputable facts being unearthed over the massive cheating undertaken through Smartmatic’s computerized voting system, apparently in order to pad votes for vice-presidential candidate […]
  • Aquino, Del Rosario begged US to use its military in Scarborough crisis
    Just go to court and pass EDCA, Americans responded IF not for the US leaders’ pragmatism and cool-headedness, President Aquino 3rd and his foreign secretary Albert del Rosario could have dragged it into a war against China on the South China Sea, a conflict that could have even triggered a nuclear war between the two […]

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