• US intelligence estimate praises Duterte
    “IN the Philippines, President Duterte will continue to wage his signature campaign against drugs, corruption, and crime. Duterte has suggested he could suspend the Constitution, declare a ‘revolutionary government,’ and impose nationwide martial law. His declaration of martial law in Mindanao, responding to the ISIS-inspired siege of Marawi City, has been extended through the end […]
  • Supreme Court 2008 decision: Boracay is state property
    But Aquino 3rd ignored it, as well as Arroyo’s Proclamation 1064 BORACAY’s elite lording it over the island shouldn’t take lightly President Duterte’s threat to close it down if they don’t reverse the degradation of the island into a cesspool. It is the state which has ownership of this once paradisiacal island. It therefore may […]
  • China’s rise exposes ‘free trade’ myth
    Last of 2 parts I DEVOTED my last column to reprint the first part of a slightly edited version of a New York Times (NYT) magazine February 8 article entitled “The Rise of China and the Fall of the ‘Free Trade’ Myth.” It debunks what’s known as the neoliberal ideology the US and the West […]
  • ‘The Rise of China and the Fall of the ‘Free Trade’ Myth’
    BELIEVE it or not, that is the title of an article published not in some leftist magazine but recently in the magazine of the top newspaper of US capitalism, the New York Times. In our country, the belief in the free-trade ideology—and its larger framework of unrestrained capitalism and foreign investments—is a dogma nearly on […]
  • ICC project shows Trillanes and Yellows’ depth of depravity and utter lack of patriotism
    SEN. Antonio Trillanes 4th and his Yellow financiers have succeeded in their top black-propaganda project: the case they filed at the International Criminal Court (ICC) against President Duterte for his government’s alleged extra-judicial killings in the course of the war against illegal drugs. It’s total hogwash that they are seeking justice for the victims. They […]

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