19 February 2020

  • Making sense of the VFA termination
    By order of President Duterte, the termination of the Visiting Forces Agreement should take effect in six months, unless the Supreme Court allows the Senate to have a say on the matter.
  • Both hands together
    Last Monday, I was invited by officials of the Department of Interior and Local Government to be the “Discussion” moderator for their event where some 30 members of Congress were invited to discuss various laws, pending and proposed that would greatly help the DILG and local governments operate better and deliver quality services.
  • VFA not dead yet
    It would seem like a reversal of roles. What is taking place between the Senate of the 18th Congress and Malacanang on the issue of abrogating the Visiting Forces Agreement between the United States and the Philippines appears this way.
  • Traveling companion
    Last Saturday, for the first time since Taal Volcano’s phreatic explosion on Jan. 12, I went to Tagaytay.
  • Withhold permits for realigned subway, QC councilors resolve
    The Quezon City Council has resolved to withhold business and construction permits from the Metro Manila subway project.

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