18 April 2019

  • Maundy Thursday: Humility, healing
    From the Vatican to the archdiocese of Manila, throughout Christendom, reverberates the message of humility and healing highlighted in today’s Maundy Thursday rites.
  • Redemption
    I know this might be unseasonal. But I really have to write about this.
  • Jesus as feminist
    Tomorrow, Good Friday, Christians remember with great solemnity the crucifixion of Jesus 2,000 years ago.
  • A letter to loss
    Because of the reflection the commemoration of Holy Week evokes, my son Roel, a writer and educator, sent me a letter he recently wrote about dealing with loss.
  • Lessons we learned from Maundy Thursday
    It is now Maundy or Holy Thursday, but at the start of the Holy Week we were shocked to learn that the world famous and biggest Gothic Church named after the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris was on fire.

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