• EDITORIAL - Revisiting martial law
    There have been some mass protest actions, but for many Filipinos, the yearlong martial law in the entire Mindanao has largely gone unnoticed.
  • Trillanes standoff: What’s the end game?
    President Duterte direly wants Senator Trillanes behind bars. That’s his aim in revoking Trillanes’ 2010 amnesty as a Navy mutineer.
  • Leni and Rody
    She’s the Vice President of all Filipinos and not just the Liberal Party. And being the constitutional successor, the Vice President cannot lead any self-serving calls for the ouster or resignation of the President of the Republic.
  • Unnatural cause of delays
    With world crude oil prices rebounding to over $70 per barrel, the pressure remains pushing further up the inflation rate in the Philippines until the end of this year.
  • True state of the nation
    During these times, people really hope and pray that Duterte will realize what is really happening in our country now. He should not merely rely on what his minions tell him but keep his ears on the ground.

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