22 July 2019

  • The biggest employer
    When reports came out that President Duterte’s son Paolo was open to seeking the speaker’s post, congressmen were seen rushing to his office at the House of Representatives.
  • Re-forming the reforms
    It’s the opening day of the first regular sessions of the new Congress, the 18th one that will officially convene starting today.
  • Make a stand
    The country seems anxious on what the President will say in his 4th State of the Nation Address today.
  • Sometimes it’s really not Malacañang
    When a branch of the PNP decided to file charges of sedition against most of the opposition particularly Vice President Leni Robredo the automatic response of those accused was that Malacañang or President Duterte had a direct hand in the matter.
  • Learning from Japan
    I am 94.

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