22 January 2019

  • EDITORIAL - Preventable diseases
    A fake news report circulated recently about certain members of prominent families landing in the intensive care unit or even dying of a severe strain of pneumonia.
  • Philippines urged to shift to nuclear energy
    A visiting American environmentalist is making the rounds, stirring in his wake renewed discussion on the benefits-vs-risks of using nuclear energy to generate cheaper electricity.
  • Autonomy
    The vote for the Bangsamoro Organic Law (BOL) went through about as peacefully as it could possibly be.
  • Christmas is finally over in Cebu
    As the old folks used to say, now that the Sinulog Festival is finally over last Sunday, Christmas is also over in Cebu.
  • Emily not on the run but running
    It is refreshing that people are now talking – beyond politics, governance, budget allocations going to in-laws, and profanity in government executive suites, in the halls of Congress, and in meetings where officials outdo one another with their choice cuss words.

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