• More strategies for fighting the holiday bulge
    WE are thick into the season of endless feasting. This is quite evident from the all too familiar yuletide carols being blared out at malls and other public spaces. In the weeks to come, this will become all too apparent as our pants begin to tighten from attending all the parties and indulging in the Christmas treats […]
  • Patient in the picture: Leveling up the battle vs. cancer
    ‘CANCER” is a scary word, one of the scariest in the world. According to Roche Pharmaceuticals Regional Medical Leader for Oncology Dr. Sivabalan Sivanesan, PhD, who spoke during the Roche forum for Asia-Pacific journalists in Singapore recently, “over 14 million people were diagnosed with cancer” in 2012. “This equates to more than 38,000” diagnoses “every […]
  • Dengue vaccine safe and effective—Sanofi
    TO allay the fears of the public, Sanofi Pasteur recently released a new supplementary exploratory analysis of the long-term follow-up of its dengue vaccine. This is part of the company’s ongoing commitment to evaluate the long-term impact of the dengue vaccine and is also consistent with the recommendation put forward in the World Health Organization’s (WHO) […]
  • Healthy diabetic diets that are most popular
    For people living with diabetes, diet is essential in maintaining overall health. If you have diabetes, then your body cannot produce or properly use insulin. This can lead to high blood-sugar levels. It’s crucial you manage your blood sugar levels to prevent any potential complications of the disease. There is no one-size-fits-all for diabetic diets. […]
  • The Coming Revolution in Health-Care Protection
    The world is all agog about digitalization. New technologies and solutions, more data driven than ever before, is changing the global insurance landscape. One aspect of this digital revolution that we should be looking forward to is how these technologies will transform the delivery of health-care protection to a growing Filipino population. Less than two […]

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