• Diseases on the rise
    Flooding, volcano eruptions, earthquakes, strong typhoons and water crisis. As if these are not enough, the world has to brace itself as temperature rises to double what has been projected by climate models. According to an international team of researchers from 17 countries, sea levels could also rise by 6 meters or more even if […]
  • Leptospirosis: The flood-borne legacy
    With antibiotics available all year round, deaths caused by leptospirosis can be avoided. But unfortunately, Filipinos still die of it. In the past years, leptospirosis has been a health problem with an average of 76 cases every year.  In 2009 1,887 cases were rerported that resulted to 138 deaths.  On July 5, the Department of […]
  • Are you fit enough to be a US Marine?
    Say the words US Marine and the image of a tough, muscled soldier who eats nails for breakfast comes to mind. Owing to countless Hollywood cinematic portrayals along with news coverage extolling their heroism, a member of the United States Marine Corps is seen by the world at large as an iconic character who typifies […]
  • Health & Fitness, Philippine Twiinz and SM shine bright at Neon Z Tribe Zumba party
    Photos by Health&Fitness Team, Philippine Twiinz The Health&Fitness once again ushered a fun-filled and spine-tingling Zumba party last Sunday at the Skydome, SM North Edsa. Now on its 6th year, the Zumba party tagged as Twiinzified Neon Z Tribe, at least 300 wellness fanatics painted the whole Skydome with neon-colored costumes and enjoyed the goodies […]
  • Mushroom: An almost perfect food
    NOT really a vegetable, mushroom is among the most nutritious and popular foods. The ancient civilizations of Egypt, Rome and China knew of the importance of edible mushrooms as food.   Egyptian pharaohs zealously kept the mushrooms for their own use, decreeing it was too delicate a morsel for commoners—who could eat garlic! The Romans restricted mushroom […]

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