• Teodoro L. Ferrer: Game changer providing Pinoys quality affordable medicines for 15 years
    Good things happen to those who put others first before themselves. And this is true for Generika’s cofounder and Generika Group of Companies chairman Teodoro L. Ferrer. Just like any one who was about to retire from a fruitful and successful career, Ferrer contemplated on what business to put up when he finally leaves the […]
  • Healing those undergoing drug abuse
    In 2008 the Philippine media reported the arrest of 11 high-school students who were caught doing a pot session in Quezon City. Most of the arrested students came from the ranks of “financially distressed families.” As the students could not afford to conduct “the pot session in a luxurious hotel or a mansion-like residence or […]
  • How overtraining can impede muscle growth
    Building muscle is a process that entails a combination of weight training, proper diet, supplementation and, just as important, proper rest periods. The latter is perhaps the most overlooked.  I often see guys in the gym lifting weights like there’s no tomorrow, day in and day out, and yet fail to achieve the kind of […]
  • Regulations to address public-health emergencies decided
    The Department  of Health (DOH)  said that the International Health Regulations (2005) Joint External Evaluation (IHR–JEE) has been concluded as it aims to assess the country’s preparedness for disease outbreaks and public-health emergencies. From September 9 to 14, international experts involved in 19 technical areas, to name a few: food safety, disease surveillance, outbreak response […]
  • Why do trees matter in medicine?
    WHY there is so much ado about trees? Everyone knows trees are utilized in building houses, making bridges and furniture, and cooking foods. In some instances, the fruits provide food for the hungry. But there’s more to trees than wood and food. Tropical forests, from which most of the useful trees grow, are what Prof. Norman […]

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