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  • BIR digitalization helped by US grant
    IT is often considered politically fashionable here to criticize the United States for “meddling” in Philippine affairs and, to be fair, there are occasionally problematic issues that arise. However, taking a persistently scoffing view of US interest in the Philippines overlooks the fact that our countries’ long relationship has provided us many benefits in the […]
  • Facebook-Australia squabble has implications for media access
    LAST week, social media giant Facebook struck back against a new Australian law that would require it and other internet platforms such as Google to pay for Australian media content published and shared on their sites. In a move apparently intended to bully the Australian government into backing down, Facebook abruptly blocked all Australian news […]
  • To ease or to maintain the quarantine: A question of public health policy
    A FAMOUS British newspaper publisher and editor once decreed as the guiding light of his paper (The Guardian) the principle that “opinion is free, facts are sacred.” It will be helpful for the government and the public to bear the principle in mind, as the nation strives to resolve the divergence of opinion concerning the […]
  • Guard against complacency, but choose normality and vitality
    AMID the highly encouraging news that Food and Drug Administration-approved and clinically tested vaccines against Covid-19 are proving to be very effective and that new Covid cases have come down during the past five weeks, the world’s countries will momentarily face a choice between: 1) keeping its guard up by maintaining controls and protocols designed […]
  • Coronavirus vaccines in the world of make-believe
    For weeks now, authorities fighting the pandemic have been simulating the arrival of Covid-19 vaccines and mass inoculations. Of course, it is always better to be prepared. As Benjamin Franklin said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” But with delay after delay in the arrival, the dry runs are becoming less virtuous […]

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