Manila Standard Today


11 August 2020

  • A crucial test
    Allegations of widespread corruption in the state-owned Philippine Health Insurance Corp. (PhilHealth) are a crucial test for the Duterte administration’s commitment to clean government.
  • Justice for Randy Echanis
    “Reinvent the Pursuit of Peace” is the second installment in the trilogy of letters compiled by peace advocates former Senator Wigberto “Bobby” Tañada and Edmundo “Ed” Garcia. This short letter was written on 27 May 2020 by both Bobby Tañada and Ed Garcia in order to inspire and urge their fellow citizens to re-imagine the pursuit of peace.
  • No quick fix
    As new cases engulf even hitherto pristine countries like Vietnam or Japan, and as our country slogs on through what is now the world’s longest lockdown, it’s sinking in among our people that we’re in for a long, long war against the virus. I personally don’t expect a vaccine to be available through this year-end into early next year. There won’t be the kind of quick fixes that Filipinos just love.
  • Power distribution firms must serve the public good
    How do the mighty fall?
  • Working from home makes sense
    In economics school, students are taught that market equilibrium – the balance between demand and supply – is the desideratum. When a market’s equilibrium is destroyed, the thing to do is to look at what is happening on both the demand side and supply side of the market. Such a look may reveal an excess of demand over the capacity to supply the good or service, manifested by bottlenecks and intense upward price competition, or it may reveal a deficit in demand over the available supply, manifested by weakening prices and decreasing investments.

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