• Netflix is proving to be a tough act for copycats to follow
    SAN FRANCISCO—Netflix’s video-streaming service has been thriving for so long that other companies are striving to duplicate its success in other kinds of digital entertainment and content. Spotify’s music-streaming service has emerged as the most celebrated of the aspiring clones, despite significant challenges that will make it difficult to keep growing at the same pace […]
  • San Francisco to require permits for rental scooters
    SAN FRANCISCO—San Francisco is ordering three companies that began renting motorized foot-pedal scooters in the city last month to stop operating until they can ensure riders are obeying state laws and that the devices are not a hazard to the public. City lawyer Dennis Herrera said in letters to LimeBike, Bird and Spin that the […]
  • Bank moves to improve customer interaction
    There’s a bank with a branch near my house with only two tellers and one of them has an attitude problem. Instead of processing transactions efficiently, she spends her days talking on her mobile phone and interacting with her coworkers. Everybody, including the bank manager, seems to be afraid of her because she’s been doing […]
  • How to give your thriving online store a big boost via DigiMall
    REMEMBER the time when the Philippines used to be known as the “texting capital of the world?”  Well, with the rapid evolution of technology and the growth of Internet and mobile usage in the country, that moniker has since evolved to “social networking capital of the world.” For the third straight year, the Philippines emerged […]
  • An app that helps you hail taxis is now in Metro Manila
    UNLESS you have four or five cars and a driver at your disposal, you have likely encountered difficulties in hailing cabs. Grumpy drivers and dirty vehicles are only part of the problem. People would rather take the MRT, despite it inconveniences, than place their safety and security at the hands of a taxi driver who […]

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