Information Technology

04 December 2020

  • Google faces UK scrutiny over new advertising data revamp
    LONDON—Google faces fresh regulatory scrutiny in Britain over plans to revamp its ad data system, after an industry lobbying group complained to the competition watchdog that the changes would cement the US tech giant’s online dominance. Marketers for an Open Web, a coalition of technology and publishing companies, said Monday that it’s urging the UK […]
  • The lights-and-sound show must go on
    When I wished for an end to traffic and congestion, I certainly didn’t mean this pandemic that has forced many of us to stay at home. When I said more people should be allowed to work from home because of traffic and other logistics, this certainly isn’t what I had in mind. When I said […]
  • Haul out the holly for the most digital holiday season
    By the time you are reading this, there will only be 27 days left before Christmas. How are your holiday plans coming along? As they say, the world turns and whatever challenges come its way, some traditions never change. Still, ‘tis the season to be wary. With the vaccine still half a year away at […]
  • eCommere growth remains resilient despite disruptions in global supply chain caused by pandemic
    Leading cross-border digital payment platform Payoneer recently shared its report on the massive growth of the eCommerce industry amid the COVID-19 pandemic. While most Filipinos have long been accustomed to procuring goods and services from physical stores, all that changed when news of the virus struck and several restrictions had to be imposed. Suddenly, crowded […]
  • Google, National Privacy Commission launch Kabataang Digital campaign on YouTube
    Google joins the National Privacy Commission (NPC) in launching Kabataang Digital, a local advocacy that enjoins parents and educators in promoting a safe online environment for the youth. YouTube, together with content creators, will serve as the project’s main platform, focused on digital citizenship, online safety, and children’s data privacy rights protection. “Globally, about 81% […]

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