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11 April 2021

  • Polish government ends standoff over Jewish museum chief
    By Vanessa Gera | The Associated Press WARSAW, Poland—Poland’s government on Friday accepted a compromise candidate as the new director of Warsaw’s landmark Jewish museum, ending a long impasse that had raised concerns over the popular institution’s future. The POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews has been without a permanent director for nearly […]
  • Artists as modern-day alchemists
    The boundless curiosity of man sparked a mad rush to understand, and eventually exploit, his connection to the cosmos. Speculative thoughts were born, including astrology, which, of course, centers on man’s link to the stars. Another form, however, focused on transforming base metals, such as lead or copper into something more precious like silver or […]
  • Jose Burgos III ’s ‘Pihit’ at Conspiracy Garden Café
    Conspiracy Garden Café hosts a collection of paintings by Jose Burgos III. Titled Pihit, the exhibit will showcase the recent works of Burgos. It will be on display at the alternative space from January 15 to February 6. Pihit is Filipino for “turn.” While Burgos had his first exhibition in the late 1980s, he never […]
  • ‘Patikim!’ group show plates Filipino food on canvas
    Art Circle Gallery Curator Sarah Alcantara had only one guideline. In the group show that was to bring to the fore the Filipino food, along with the correlated concepts of agriculture and hospitality, the subject of participating artists must be local dishes. What seemed like a simple request was as open to interpretation as it […]
  • Understanding the center of the center
    IN 1988, the New South Wales government in Australia purchased the famed 820-specimen mineral collection of Albert Chapman (1912-1996), a cabinet maker by profession and a world-renowned mineralogist on the side. Chapman’s family was left with a few pieces following the transfer of the collection that the Australian Museum tagged as a “national treasure” and […]

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