16 June 2019

  • ‘The Curse of La Llorona’ reigns over weekend box office
    By Andrew Dalton | The Associated Press LOS ANGELES—The Curse of La Llorona brought good fortune at the box office. The Warner Bros. horror film based on a Mexican legend about a woman who murdered her children and wanders the world looking for them brought in $26.5 million according to studio estimates on Sunday, putting […]
  • Conrad Manila serves a bountiful exhibit in line with National Arts Month
    AN abundant spread of contemporary Filipino paintings, sculptures and photographs fill up the hallway exhibition space Gallery C at Conrad Manila in the seventh installment of its periodic Of Art and Wine series. Featuring 32 local artists and 64 for-sale pieces of different mediums, the hotel’s largest exhibition to date is titled Art Harvest at […]
  • Andy Warhol Inc.: How he made business his art
    By Blake Gopnik | New York Times News Service IN the fall of 1968, still aching from an assassin’s attack, Andy Warhol returned to work in the bright new offices he’d rented on Union Square. After years of stardom in pop art, he pondered his future. “I was confused because I wasn’t painting and I […]
  • 5Pointz artists find a fresh canvas at new Museum of Street Art
    By Lauren Hard | New York Times News Service NEW YORK—Talking about 5Pointz is still emotional for Jonathan Cohen, better known by his tag name, Meres One. Nearly five years have passed since his distinctive graffiti, and the work of dozens of his fellow artists, were whitewashed from a massive warehouse in Queens under the […]
  • Photo exhibit documents revival of Polish Jewish life
    By Vanessa Gera | The Associated Press WARSAW, Poland—American photographer Chuck Fishman was just 21 when he began traveling behind the Iron Curtain in 1975 to document a Jewish community on the verge of dying out after centuries of existence in Poland. He couldn’t have foreseen a Jewish revival that came after the fall of […]

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