22 January 2019

  • Andy Warhol Inc.: How he made business his art
    By Blake Gopnik | New York Times News Service IN the fall of 1968, still aching from an assassin’s attack, Andy Warhol returned to work in the bright new offices he’d rented on Union Square. After years of stardom in pop art, he pondered his future. “I was confused because I wasn’t painting and I […]
  • 5Pointz artists find a fresh canvas at new Museum of Street Art
    By Lauren Hard | New York Times News Service NEW YORK—Talking about 5Pointz is still emotional for Jonathan Cohen, better known by his tag name, Meres One. Nearly five years have passed since his distinctive graffiti, and the work of dozens of his fellow artists, were whitewashed from a massive warehouse in Queens under the […]
  • Photo exhibit documents revival of Polish Jewish life
    By Vanessa Gera | The Associated Press WARSAW, Poland—American photographer Chuck Fishman was just 21 when he began traveling behind the Iron Curtain in 1975 to document a Jewish community on the verge of dying out after centuries of existence in Poland. He couldn’t have foreseen a Jewish revival that came after the fall of […]
  • Huge sea-life sculptures made from ocean’s plastic trash
    By Janet McConnaughey | The Associated Press NEW ORLEANS—Huge sculptures of sea life are dotted about New Orleans’s aquarium and zoo, all of them made from plastic trash that washed ashore. There’s a great white shark made partly of bottle caps and beach toys and a jellyfish made mostly of cut-up water bottles. The artwork, […]
  • Silly old bear: Exhibition explores world of Winnie-the-Pooh
    By Kate Brumback | The Associated Press ATLANTA—A new exhibition in Atlanta celebrates Winnie-the-Pooh, wandering through his magical world and giving visitors a peek behind the scenes at the people, relationships and inspirations behind the “silly old bear” and his friends. Winnie-the-Pooh: Exploring a Classic opened last Sunday at the High Museum of Art. It […]

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